Terms and Conditions


The following terms and conditions apply to the use of this website and all services provided by Royal Exclusives.
By using this website or any of our services, you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use. If you do not agree with (part of) the terms and conditions, we ask you to make use of another escort agency. Royal Exclusives reserves the right at any time to modify the terms and or replace.

Contractor, booking, escorts

By confirming details of a booking through the website, by telephone, email or text messages, there is an agreement (the booking) between the contractor (Royal Exclusives) and the Client (client). The agreed services are performed in the booking high class escorts who are represented by the contractor.

2. Our method

Contractor is a legal and transparent escort agency, we only work within the boundaries of Dutch law. Our escorts are of age and authorized to work in the Netherlands. The Customer must be at least 18 years old.
The license number under which we fall:

Our Chamber of Commerce trade number: 61644765
Our VAT number: 45875960B03
Authorization number: es.A.0089601.2014

3. Discretion and confidentiality

Discretion is just as important for you and for us, the information provided by you as a Client will be treated with discretion. The data is only used for verification of bookings and payments and cancellation rates. The information remains confidential if you wish extra discretion, you can pass this on to our office. We do our utmost to keep all your data confidential, our escort have all previously signed a special contract. And the data you transmit via the Web site are protected by an SSL connection. In the unlikely event your data would be Royal Exclusives can be held liable in any way known. Persons placing reservations and this inaccurate (false) transmit data, or persons who post entries and does not intend to appear will be detected. The contractor reserves the right than to mention your data on closed or open websites and blacklists. In case of doubt and / or given false information or the sponsor Royal exclusives reserves the right to cancel the contract or to terminate without any reason.

4. The booking

Contractor is in no way responsible for any costs or damages resulting from change or cancel a reservation by the reasons mentioned in these terms or any other reasons.

5. Acceptance, rejection

By details to confirm a booking via the booking form, phone, email or text, there is an agreement (the booking). Contractor shall at all times be permitted to refuse a request for a booking without giving any reason given there.

6. International bookings

For a booking which will take place outside the Netherlands, there is a minimum of 12 hours. An international booking within Europe must be booked at least 24 hours in advance. For worldwide bookings money a minimum of 48 hours in connection with travel time and preparation. The Client will evaluate the destination to let the booking proceed on the basis of generally positive advice, the safety of the destination and consultation with the appropriate escort. After a positive assessment by the Contractor and make known route and cost of booking will require a deposit by bank transfer of the Client equal to 50% of the booking fee and 100% of travel costs, to the final booking.

7. Travel Methods

The trip methods of our escorts for international entry will be determined by conditions on consultation. For some destinations, with the traveling time more than 4 hours per car would amount to an express train or flight is required. For flights of six hours or more, our escorts to travel business class only.

During the stay abroad is the Client’s expected to do his best to offer a pleasant stay to the escort. This refers to the escort can sleep at least 6 hours a night. Bookings longer than 24 hours, the escort gets about 2 hours per day to perform private transactions. They can then work on her study, contact with home, sports or similar. The escort must have contact every day with us over the phone, this Client provides its opportunity and privacy. The escort is accessible at all times, has regular access to the Internet and can eat at least three meals a day at your expense. It is customary but not required that the escort for bookings longer than 24 hours also has her own hotel room available.

8. Cancellation Policy

– Cancellations and changes of Contractor
The contractor is allowed at any time to cancel or alter the booking if an escort can not be at the desired location at the desired time, if the location is not available, or if the Contractor believes that the confidentiality, security and integrity of its Escorts can not be guaranteed. Even if the Client does not (in time) on the agreed terms, or where there is a good reason exists to believe that the Client will not meet the agreed conditions, the Contractor is authorized to cancel or modify the reservation. The Contractor shall also be allowed to cancel or modify the booking if there are circumstances that there can not be reasonably expected from the Contractor to meet the booking.
In the event of a change or cancellation of booking by the Contractor, the Contractor shall as soon as possible contact the Customer. In the event the Contractor change the booking, it is allowed the client to cancel the booking without further costs if the client has not consented to the amendment.
Contractor or its escorts are not liable for direct or indirect loss or expenses in the event of a cancellation.

– Cancellations and changes of Principal
In the event of a change or cancellation of booking by the Client, the Client as soon as reasonably practicable contact Contractor.
In the event that the Client wishes to cancel the booking, the contractor expects at least 24 hours before the scheduled date and time by the Principal about to be made via email or phone. Cancellations within 24 hours before the start of the booking the following points:

– Cancellations within 4 to 24 hours before the booking there are no direct consequences. Is it unusual for Client cancels a booking within this period will be charged 300 Euros.

– Cancellation within 4 hours prior to the booking, or the Client does not show up, the minimum booking of 2 hours will be charged to offset effort and preparation.
When a client wishes to change the escort, time or location, the Contractor shall do its best to comply with the request, or try to offer a suitable alternative. The contractor reserves the right to treat the booking as canceled.
In case of delay of the escort at the start of the booking, which can be emitted by transport problems, expects the Contractor of the Principal wait up to 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, the Customer is allowed to cancel the booking free of charge. This does not apply in the case of a last-minute booking (a booking for less than 4 hours in advance).

– Cancellation / change by the client at the start of the booking
If the escort is not what the Customer expected, in appearance or character, the Client within the first 15 minutes of booking the opportunity to express his displeasure to the Contractor so that there can be found a realistic solution. This does not apply when the escort booking refuses to continue for non-compliance with the conditions relating to the requirements of the client. Failure to comply with these requirements, the entire booking will be charged, if already paid, will not be refunded. If the discontent of the Client is reported afterwards to the Contractor, there has arisen an accepted booking and Principal not entitled to a refund.

– Cancel from the escort

It could happen that an escort cancels due to private circumstances, such as illness, emergency within the family etc. In this case supersedes all cancellation fees. Contractor and Client will devise an alternative or solution together. It is not possible to Royal Exclusives, so be liable to the escort in question in any way whatsoever for possible damages, expenses etc. resulting from such cancellation. Of course we offer our apologies for this unpleasant situation.

– Cancelling international bookings

If you cancel an international booking timely, the Contractor shall do its utmost to recover the costs until then to reduce to a minimum or to scold completely lost, if this is not possible then the costs already incurred will (tickets) with your deposit be utilized.
If the international booking is canceled for the day of departure (00:00) is the cancellation fee 300 euros per 24 hours of the original booking time for each escort.
If the international reservation is canceled on the day of departure (00:00) is the cancellation fee, the amount of time that already in the presence of the escort is spent with a minimum of the minimum booking. The cancellation charges are deducted from your deposit paid. We do not return deposits. Outstanding payments are valid for a maximum period of six months, come to void below.

9. Client Requirements

Everyone is welcome to use our service. We expect that the Principal is 18 or older, if escort doubts here they will ask for your ID when you can not deliver this we are forced to terminate the booking immediately. This booking will be canceled and a compensation of 300 euros charged plus any expenses incurred.

– Location requirements
Our escorts can visit in any 4 star (or above) hotel, under certain conditions it is also possible to receive our escort in a private residence. This house needs to be hygienic, in a safe environment and we prefer that the client and the escort already had an appointment, but this is not mandatory.

– Alcohol and drug policy
Our escorts are usually social drinkers, they enjoy a good glass of wine or champagne while dining. Large amounts of alcohol are not allowed and will be rejected. We have a strict anti-drug policy. We expect the client never to offer drugs, than to be asked to provide this to the Contractor. If you yourself decide to use drugs is that your responsibility, but if the escort is very uncomfortable, she has the right to terminate the reservation without refund.

– Safety and Health
Our escorts only safe sex, this means that protection is used for all types of sex, including oral sex. The escort decide where they feel comfortable or not. These requirements will not be discussed or negotiated. We expect the Client to respect our policies, so it is not a reason to cancel the reservation without refund.

10. Security and Protection

The safety of our escorts is paramount. Security is present if the escort’s request. Our escorts have the opportunity to deploy a private chauffeur or personal security. We want to emphasize that no escort to your hotel room or suite or on the front door of your home is accompanied by a driver or bodyguard. If the Client makes an attempt to deceive our escorts or intimidate another possibility its security get in the way will be prosecuted in accordance with Dutch law. Police will be called and all data known to us will be transferred to the police.

11. Rates and payments

Our rates as stated on the website are inclusive of VAT (21%) and includes a travel allowance wich is described on the website. Our rates are clearly displayed on our website, we do not give additional discount. If you run a package in mind what is not on the website, you can always contact us.

We ask you to pay in advance, this can vary by bank transfer, the amount must take place before booking on our behalf. Of course you can also pay in cash at the start of the booking. You put the money ready in an open envelope so that the escort can count it. Our escort will call us to let you know that all is well and that you are happy with your choice. A tip or a gift is not required and is not expected, when you decide to surprise the escort is greatly appreciated at the end of the booking.
The most common way to pay is in cash, the escort will not have any change with her. We also accept USD or GBP, we calculate the daily exchange rate plus additional bank and exchange costs and round off the fare, please let us know in advance.
If an amount due to us not being met on time, we will send you a reminder via email or phone. If after 5 days still no payment is received by us, we are forced to call in a collection agency. Additional costs are entirely your responsibility. The collection agency will be available to half of all the information known about you with us. If, after switching from a collection agency the payment fails again, we will take legal action.

12. Force Majeure

The Contractor is not liable for failure to deliver the agreed services in the case of an event beyond the control of the Contractor, which appears on the Contractor can deliver its services. If such an event occurs or might occur, the Contractor shall inform the client as soon as possible.

13. Liability

The Contractor can not be held liable for direct or indirect damage from the website / services of Royal Exclusives or the information made available on the website and promotional material.
The escorts of the Contractor and the Contractor itself are not liable for the execution of the booking, or any damage caused by the entry, or in connection with the booking, regardless of whether the claim is based on another contract or legal basis.
The Client allows all rights to claim against the Contractor fall or the escorts of the Contractor. The Client indemnifies the escorts of the Contractor or the Contractor itself as all claims of third parties who suffer damage as a result of booking, for which the escorts and the Contractor are not directly responsible. With the inception of the reservation the client agrees to all conditions of the Contractor named Royal Exclusives.

14. Partial ineffectiveness

Every article of these terms and conditions must be met and will be treated separately from other items. In the event that an article, or a portion of an article of these terms and conditions, or any part of the entry information, or any information provided by Royal Exclusives is annulled, invalid or in any other way will not be realized, all other items are not affected.

15. Copyright, trademark, intellectual property

All photos and images on this website used in background, content and the pages, except for profile photos of our escorts are never used promotional and used only on the website to reflect the style and atmosphere of Royal Exclusives again. None of these brands or individuals in these images or photos are linked to Royal Exclusives or the nature of the services provided by Royal Exclusives. This was suggested in any way on the website or in any other way.
This website in its entirety in separate parts, is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights. All rights reserved. The name and brand Royal Exclusives, images, pictures, logos and all other Royal Exclusives related texts and marks depicted on this site and material from Royal Exclusives, whether registered or unregistered, are trademarks or service marks of Royal Exclusives.The images, materials on the website and promotional materials from Royal Exclusives are for informational purposes. This website is solely for private, personal, non-commercial use by its users. One can not download the materials on this website or literal copying. No right, title or interest in any material or software is the user (you, in this case) is transferred as a result of copies or downloads. The user is prohibited to reproduce this website or any of the materials on this website or related software, transmit, publish, edit, distribute, display, perform, delete, add, or create derivative works from, sell, or share to be taken to sale. Any other use of images or materials on this website, including reproduction for purposes other than those noted above, modification, distribution or re-publication without the prior written consent of Royal Exclusives is prohibited.

16. Links on the website

All the links that appear at the Royal Exclusives website, www.royal-exclusives.nl leading to other websites may not be placed under the responsibility of Royal Exclusives. Each also harmed by content or material ago by using the links or the website therefore can not be held responsible for Royal Exclusives.

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