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Rendez Vous

Are you looking for classy, sexy company? Or would you like to bond with your high class escort girl before you’ll have a very adventurous date?

Dinner Dates

Fine dining in an exclusive restaurant, have an entire wine arrangement to with it and ending with… a delicious dessert.

Girlfriend Experience

This is a true ‘Girlfriend Experience’, your high class escort will enjoy kissing, caressing, massaging and a lot of sensual foreplay. This experience is all about enjoying each other’s company and affection.

Travel Companions

Would you like classy and elegant company during your (business) trip abroad? Or are you looking for a romantic date under the tropical sun? Some of our escorts are able to share this experience with you.

Two girls or more...

You must have fantasized about sharing the bed with two women or more. This service can make your dream come to life.


A lot of couples want to know what it is like with an extra partner in the bedroom. You can find out by booking this experience.

Sexy & Fantasy

Everybody has fantasied at least once while watching an erotic movie or porn. This ‘Pornstar Experience’ is based on those desires. Your high class escort will be slightly naughtier than during a ‘Sweet & Sensual’ date.

Gentlemen’s Playground

Our exclusive service for extraordinary gentlemen. With this service your wildest dreams can come true. Would you like to fly to Las Vegas in your private jet with you own selection of beautiful women?

Fetish/Fantasy (BDSM)

Royal Exclusives is highly experienced in making all your wishes come true. We will assist and help you wherever and whenever we can to give you an incredible and unforgettable experience.

Anal Sex

When you are ready for something new and exciting or something different in the bedroom scene, you can book the Anal Sex experience. Not all high class escorts offer this service, it requires trust and respect and pleasure for both sides.

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