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Escort etiquette

This is the moment, you just booked a Royal Exclusives escort girl or you are thinking about it. We would like to point out some important aspects, some of you will have thought about it already, but for those with few experience with high class escorts this could be of use.

The relationship between a client and an escort can be very pleasurable but is also based on a certain degree of trust. If you have never met before, this could be very exciting. Our escorts are charmed and intrigued by real gentlemen and will soon surrender to a night of passion when treated with respect. Please keep in mind the following points.


Hygiene: Take a shower and make sure ALL of your body parts are rinsed well, brush your teeth, do you know anyone who would like to kiss someone with bad breath?

Make sure you are shaved, most ladies prefer a smooth skin touching theirs. Needless to say that your clothing will be clean.

Unless something else is agreed on, you’ll have the money ready in an open envelope, you are aware what is supposed to be in it, you were already informed about it.

A real man knows his limits, it is expected that you are not drunk at the beginning of your date, mostly this leads to snoring instead of hot, steamy passion.

Every woman loves to be spoiled, you may want to give her a present, you can find her wish list in her personal information. This is never obligated, but always a welcome surprise.

During the date

When you have just met it might be good to start a conversation instead of jumping her at first sight. Offer her a drink and treat her with respect, she will be grateful to you and do her best for you. Like any other date this is not an interrogation, this can cause tension and both parties can end up disappointed.

It is not appreciated when you ask the lady in question for her private phone number, your relationship is strictly business and all contact goes through our agency. The high class escort chose for herself to be represented by Royal Exclusives because of privacy and discretion reasons.


To be relaxed is a key element for intimacy, our high class escort will do everything in her powers to bring you in ecstasy. You can do the same for her, mind her body language and whisper in her ear about her desires.


No means no, no discussion, no negotiations. When you ask for a service the escort does not provides, it will not happen. Everything was discussed on the forehand so you don’t have to be surprised and neither has the escort. All our high class escort preform safe sex only, oral sex happens only with protection. There will be no discussion about this.

At the end of the date

Time is money, especially for a high class escort. You cannot expect her to stay longer than agreed on, or expect a quickie in the last 15 minutes of your date. If you would like your escort to stay longer you can ask for an extra hour, it is up to her. You are probably very content with your high class escort girl, you may tip her, this is never expected but always appreciated.

You are welcome to contact our agency and share your opinion or experience with us, you might be just that satisfied that you place a new booking immediately. Of course it is possible you have remarks, we would like to hear these as well so we can keep innovating in our service.

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